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October, 2018

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Friday, October 19, 2018, Blues Artist Dale Bandy releases his new album "BLUE" to the delight of many a blues fan.

Dale Bandy has been a longtime guitarist on the scene in Central Florida for many years and seems to have finally found himself again, or just reawakened his inner-bluesman that was deep down... always there.

I first met Dale in the late '90s when he was in a supreme funk band called "Big Shirley" and they dominated the scene. I remember many shows at "The Social" downtown Orlando when the line was around the block and jam packed inside...Dale was a big reason for that.

"The Blues Ain't Nothin But A Good Man Feelin Down"

 - Muddy Waters

Dale has written some great blues based songs on this effort with his band, The Blue Cans. One of my favorites is the song "If I Could Only Take It Back." When I first heard it and was expecting a deviation off a 12-bar blues structure, it wasn't that at all. It was an expansion of the blues and to me personally, that's really the goal of every artist: to expand beyond their influences and take us along on the expansion.

When I caught Dale Bandy live with The Blue Cans at a Copper Rocket Show several months ago, I was impressed with how authentic and real Dale's performance was. No longer "just" the guitar player, he was singing his songs and it was what I look for in any performer - I believed it! You know what I mean. Sometimes you can tell that an Artist, while talented, doesn't believe in their own performance. With Dale Bandy, not only do you believe it, you know it.  

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